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New design for Creative Commons!


We’re happy to have launched our completely revamped and retooled website, at It’s a new direction towards simplicity and promoting the millions of license works found online today. We worked with Adaptive Path on tailoring the site along two major themes: Find to help you find works to listen to, look at, remix, and redistribute, and Publish to help publishing your photos, movies, and music with a license. We also introduced a bunch of pages around each type of major category, each with a customized search engine, links to archives and featured works, interviews, and help on publishing just that kind of content online. We’re launching with five of these areas, but more to come.

I’ll make a more in-depth post later this week explaining our results from user testing, how the new site is organized and why, and all the great people that helped out on it. For now, I’m happy to see the new site up after months of hard work by the entire team. The site has been up for just a few minutes and we’re still squashing bugs galore, so if you find any errors, or have any comments, feel free to comment here.

Posted 19 October 2004