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New books under CC licenses


The German Heise-Verlag, a publishing house specializing in books and magazines on the IT industry, has adopted the CC licensing model. Two books are currently being offered as free downloads under the CC licenses. The first book, Mix, Burn & RIP by Janko Roettgers, looks into the future of the recording industry. The second book, Freie Netze: Geschichte, Politik und Kultur offener WLAN-Netze by Armin Medosch, deals with the rise of free community wifi networks in Europe and elsewhere.

The two books serve as a good example of how the Creative Commons model is gradually conquering non-English speaking countries. The German licenses were launched on June 10 and have since been extensively discussed in a variety of different forums, the most important of which was an academic workshop at the Wissenschaftskolleg in Berlin on June 24 (a summary of the workshop’s discussion with future lines of research will be posted soon).

Posted 07 July 2004