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Mob Spots, collaboration, and Creative Commons


Steven Johnson coined the term “mob spots” to describe a group creating political spots using simple desktop tools. Jason Kottke suggests campaigns create spaces filled with seed material specifically so people can voluntarily create material for the campaign.

We have dipped our toe into the community creativity pool with our Moving Image Contest and most recently with a music remixing mini-contest, and both projects have produced some amazing creative works that were facilitated by our licenses and we intend to do larger, similar projects in the future.

We love the idea of “mob spots”; that interested communities could spring up around a candidate, issue, or topic and using a common set of raw materials, produce clever and engaging works. The process is exactly what our licenses intend to do: let others know that you’d like them to take, use, and reuse your work in new works. It is our hope that any candidates or citizen groups considering such an open collaborative place might license their creative pool of raw resources under Creative Commons to make it clear the works are free to build upon by others.

Posted 29 September 2003